Sabtu, 03 Mei 2008

Epson C90 Resetter

Reset Waste Ink pad Counter Epson Stylus C90

Please read carefuly following instructions in order
to run this program without problems:

You have Windows XP to be installed on your PC.


  1. Download Adjustment Program for Epson C90
  2. Change your PC Date to Jul 24 2007
  3. Delete the folder C:\Adjustments_Programs\ on your PC if it exists.
  4. Reboot your PC.
  5. UNZIP file C90.rar.
  6. RUN AdjProg.exe file. Here is it!

to Reset Waste Ink Counter

  • RUN AdjProg.exe file Epson C90
  • choose Particular adjustment mode
  • select waste Ink pad counter
  • Klikinitialization

That’ all! :D

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